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SANGAM RENEWABLES LIMITED is a Listed Company (BSE Scrip Code: 534618). Sangam Renewables offers Sustainable partnership by providing Renewable energy solutions to Industrial, Institutional & commercial Sectors and improve their profitability through long term renewable Power supply.

Sangam started with diversified financial services to focus in assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in corporate and non-corporate sector in their financial planning and arranging funds for them.

Ventured into the Renewable Energy Sector in 2016, with Renewable energy solutions in Industrial, Institutional & commercial Sectors. A Team of qualified professionals further strength our lead in the field. Sangam has a Target Pipe line for building as Asset of 600MW in next 3 years

Our Fundamentals

This results to saving through smart Solar Project solutions.

Our Solutions

Rooftop Solar

System Installed by Solar Power Developer (“SPD”) on-site or off-site of Off-taker Premises.Financing of System using Equity and Debt at competitive

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Open Access

RESCO sets up projects for Open Access Customer off-site.. Most suitable for customers that do not have adequate roof space.

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Solar Parks

RESCO builds a Solar Park with complete infrastructure for evacuation to the nearest sub-station.

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